Taboo Question #1: Do you tip the DJ?

This is a question that always comes up and unlike other jobs where we know that we must tip or not tip, DJs are a funny breed.

Take, for example, a wedding.  If the DJ is also performing as a Master of Ceremony (MC) and he/she is announcing and playing music, given that you agreed on having a DJ/MC, it sounds as if the DJ is doing their job and thus far is up to par with the contractual agreement.

Next, let’s say you get a DJ at a birthday or office party.  If the DJ is there playing music and doing the things he was hired for, then great! another job well done.

Those two examples up there have not called for the DJ to do anything out of the ordinary and the DJ has thus far abided by his agreement with you.

Where a tip is usually warranted is if the DJ/MC is going above and beyond.  An example is making sure that if there is an agenda, that it is getting done.  Typically a wedding planner, photographer, and/or kitchen staff will look to the DJ for coordination and if your DJ is going above and beyond then that’s where a tip is warranted.

Ultimately, there is no ‘catch-all’ answer that states whether or not service was good or up to par or otherwise.  The end result is YOU and your attendees and whether or not people had fun, the objectives were met, and the event went on despite any issues due to quick thinking and adaptability from the DJ.

Now, “how much should we tip” you ask?  well, i’ll leave you to the interwebs for that one.

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