Choosing Your DJ

Not all DJs are created equal. Depending on the level of experience, exposure, and music library, a DJ can either be the wrong type or the right fit but you don’t really know unless you sit down and ask!

Getting into the groove of things here I talked to a fellow DJ who was having issues with bookings. I found out that the customers were asking him to play certain genres and do specific things which he wasn’t too happy about. As I found out more, it became apparent that this DJ was not in the business of customer service but rather in the business to perform for his own recognition. This DJ enjoyed exclusively playing a certain type of music which is not everyone’s favorite. Of course, it didn’t help that he was booking weddings and bars were more often than not, a certain type of music was requested. He ended up leaving the industry and fell back on his primary skills.

His inability to recognize that he was being booked to do a job that catered to people based on their own preferences were factors in his experience. Additionally, I’ve recently been told about a DJ that performed for a party a few months ago and was the equivalent of a radio with pauses after the songs but instead of commercials, it was just dead air. -Dead air is a DJ’s enemy!

So how does one choose their DJ? Ask about their prior experience with your type of event. Are you having a Power Ranger themed birthday party for your 7 year old or perhaps a masquerade ball for your company? What ever the case may be, finding out from your DJ if he or she has any prior experience should help determine whether or not you should hire.

IF there happens to be no experience with a certain event, that should not be a deal breaker! Instead, find out how the DJ plans on getting ready for the event and see if there have been any other events that they’ve performed at that closely mirrors yours.

At the end of the day, only you know what you want, need, and prefer. I personally enjoy being in front of crowds.

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