What is an MC and why is one important?

An MC, EMCEE, or Master of Ceremonies is a completely different thing than a DJ. You may know the term ‘MC’ from the artist, MC Hammer, and from the Hip-Hop genre but in reality, it is not all inclusive to the genre.

A Master of Ceremonies is someone that runs your event and is basically a ‘host’ that ensures the program goes as planned and makes changes accordingly.

With that said, not all DJs are MCs just how not all people are good public speakers. An MC is typically charismatic, witty, and able to think on his or her feet while maintaining microphone presence. Someone that is performing MC duties prepares ahead of time and even seeks additional training to ensure the skill of mic handling is effortless. The last thing you want as an MC is to stutter, lose your train of thought, or make an awkward situation even more awkward; therefore, a competent MC does not rely on their ‘ability to speak’ but rather seeks out ways to make their experience better so that they can deliver it to their customers.

If you are looking for a DJ and/or a Master of Ceremonies, it is best to ask your potential candidate if they do both, charge additional fees for the service, and if they have any experience and formal training.

Remember that there are great salespeople out there that can promise the world but can they put their money where their mouth is? You might want to make sure.

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