Ever thought on becoming a DJ?

Have you ever thought about becoming a DJ? Have you ever NOT thought about it? When I first started as a DJ, there was an ad that was sent out in our work center’s intranet and it asked for anyone that was interested to apply for the position of DJ. The duties included being a Master of Ceremonies, people-oriented and flexible. As I read through the announcement, it did not sound like something I was going to be good at and I kept thinking that I was under qualified since I had never done DJ work; but I did wonder, “what if?”

Then I read the last line: “No experience needed”.

It took me a day or two to finally call the company and I was invited to an interview. I sat in a chair and filled out some paperwork. I was then called. We were doing microphone announcements and I was completely unprepared. I took the mic and after having received my instructions, I set about doing the best I could. Two of the three of us got hired.

The two of us became trainees and neither of us had prior experience. If I remember correctly, the other person was a mechanic, and I, a firefighter. The training developed us as DJs and Master of Ceremonies and we both went on to perform at various weddings, corporate events and parties throughout the Las Vegas (Nevada) area and included some of the big casinos and prestigious businesses in town.

I never thought about becoming a DJ, in fact, I never even thought about visiting the 20 countries I’ve been to either. I took some chances as the opportunities arose and now I’m extending the opportunity. Would you be interested in being a DJ in the Clovis, NM area? -No experience required.

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