DJ2C, DJ²C, what’s with the name?

I get asked a lot, “why is your name ‘DJ2C’ and why is the ‘2’ sometimes small?”

Well, to begin with, I needed a DJ name when I first started doing the DJ gig. I did not want to make it cheesy by using ‘DJ’ and either my last name or some funky pet name so I gave it a lot of thought and came up with DJ²C. That reads: “DJ Squared C”

The day I decided on the name, I was bouncing ideas off of my friend and he said that I should just call myself “DJ JC” since those are my initials. I liked the sound of it but I didn’t like the two “J”s being so together. It felt like it was stutter.

That’s when I figured it out.

Since I’m a nerd and like to sometimes share my useless knowledge (I’m a great trivia-night partner), I joined both “J”s and used the exponent of 2 since J²= JxJ (who thought this blog was going to turn into a math class?).

The end result was DJ²C. Although the name is read “DJ Squared C”, the “2” exponent is hard for some systems to type and in the case with this font, be read. I wasn’t able to register an exponent in the business name so the full size ‘2’ remained.

I am now known as DJ2C on paper which is also a nice play on words if you think about it. It almost sounds like the name is telling you that this is a DJ to see…and I surely am.

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