Speed Dating FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming SPEED DATING event.

Q: I’m not trying to bash on your event, but I’ve seen tv shows and heard horror stories…why should anyone go to this Speed Dating event when it’s always portrayed as an awful joke?

A: It’s true in that sitcoms and other media portray speed dating as an awful joke where the main character is always somehow embarrassed or ends up only encountering “weirdos”.  This event is being put together for exclusive people who are serious about potentially meeting someone interesting without the games or guesswork…also, since only those who confirm are getting the location to this event, you can expect this to be discreet!

Q: I’m a single parent, can I attend? 

A: Of course! Single parents are still SINGLE!

Q: I’m scared/ worried/ anxious about this but I’m interested, what should I do?

A: I would say go with your gut.  If you want to come, do it.  If not, then that’s fine too.  At the end of the day, this small event will get you out of your shell just enough to see that there are awesome people in the world!

Q: Can I pay on the day of the event or do I have to pay within 24 hours through PayPal?

A: In order to get an accurate head count, It is preferred that you pay within 24 hours through PayPal.  You also have the option of paying with cash or by card on the day but it will incur a $10 fee.  If you choose to pay on the day, contact campos26@outlook.com for the location.

Q: Is this event LGBT friendly?

A: The LGBT community is always welcomed to my events however, this event is set up for women to meet men and vice versa.

Q: Will there be any LGBT speed dating in the future?

A: If there is a demand for an LGBT-friendly event, I will absolutely put an event together with the focus being on the LGBT community.

Q: Will food be provided? 

A: No food will be provided but there will be raffles to include drinks!

Q: Will there be an even number of guys and girls?

A: Yes.  The intent is for 20 lucky singles (10 guys/ 10 girls) to come together for a memorable night!

Q: Will there be any adult beverages?

A: No, adult beverages will not be provided; however, it is encouraged that the party continue after the event in which case the possibilities are endless.

Q: How will I know who liked me?

A: You will receive an email or phone call (your preference) within 24 hours with the contact information of those people with whom you matched.

Q: How do I sign up again? 

A: Visit HERE to RSVP and click here to pay through paypal and confirm your spot. You must do both.


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