Sick and tired of everyone having a date except for you? Oh, did I mention that Valentine’s day is coming up and you know, just how I do, that it would be nice to have a date? -Have you ever wanted to see who was ‘out there?’ but you’re always busy? I’m bringing you this EXCLUSIVE event dedicated to those serious in meeting someone…and who knows, maybe you’ll meet “the one”!

This two step process assures us all that you are serious/committed about this event.  The RSVP link adds you to the list and the Pay link solidifies your spot.  Payment is due within 24 hours of RSVP.  Spaces ARE LIMITED. If the guest list is full, you will be notified by EMAIL within 24 hours and the Pay link will be disabled.  If you RSVP’d and Paid after the guest list filled up, your name will remain on the waiting list until 24 hours from the date of the event in which case a refund will be issued if no spaces become available.

If you have any questions, please leave them below!

Click here to RSVP! Click here to Pay!

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